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    So I finally broke down and bought my 13th Artifact, Crafter's Elixir. Upgraded it up to level 12 for 180% gold in plans to make the rush to my prestige point (315) much, much easier. To my surprise it made getting to Flavius less than a half-hour of work. So Crafter's Elixir is much more helpful than I was expecting. I'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to Crown Egg/Chest of Contentment combo, but for now it soldifies the rush to Flavius. 

    So the plan for up to Prestige 30 is bouncing back and forth upgrading Crafter's Elixir and Undead Aura. Then we'll go on for Artifact 14, still hoping for Death Seeker or Tincture of the Maker for the one before and as the half-way point.

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