Tap titans offers us some little easter eggs that you may find really funny.

  1. The "Calculator Mode" lets you play tap titans at work by disguising the game. Just open the Calculator and tap in the numbers randomly, it works as you be attacking monsters, and even says when there is a fairy flying around. If some coworker sees you, he will think you are just lazy and using a calculator.
  2. If you don't know what to choose as your name and you want to interact a little more with the game, here are some "name codes":
    • "Cheater" - Will turn your damage into "ERROR". (If you want to get rid of this, just rename yourself to "Clear")
    • "Robot" or "Computer" - Turns your damage into 0's and 1's (you will still take your usual damage)
    • "Silver" - Turns your golden coins into silver coins
    • "Tiny" - Makes the monsters small (Bosses will still be normal size)
    • "Frozen" or "Elsa" - Snows in the background (Not working at the moment)
    • "Poop" - Your character farts from time to time 
    • "Link" or "Zelda" - Unknown effect
If you find some more easter eggs, please add so everyone enjoys it.