This category holds all TournamentResult Templates that are needed to generate a table containing the results of previous tournaments.

{{TR_Start}} opens a table and generates the headers.
{{TR ...}} generates a table row based on your parameters. You can add as many rows as you want.
{{TR_Close}} closes the table.


|CW = 28
|WRank = 49
|WStage = 1,200
|SRank = 30
|SStage = 1,900
|CW = 29
|WRank = 41
|WStage = 1,600
|SRank = 
|SStage = 

Results in:

CW Wednesday Saturday
Rank Stage Rank Stage
28 49 1,200 30 1,900
29 41 1,600 N/A N/A

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